What is an Alignment Lift?


A car alignment lift is a mechanical tool that helps you align your car's wheels. There are several brands available, such as Atlas,Mechanic Superstore journey, Quatra, and John Bean. The lifts are built to lift cars over seven feet. They can be floor-mounted or recessed, and they feature a full frame under the scissor to maximize stability.

John Bean

John Bean Car Scissor Lift Hydraustic Scissor Lifts provide the versatility to handle all types of vehicles and are incredibly easy to use. They are equipped with safety features to protect the operator and the vehicle. Their 3-stage front arms ensure safe and reliable lifting. Additionally, they feature a rear slip plate for safety, as well as ergonomic controls and a secondary control console. Plus, they are built to last with sturdy materials, and they can be used for years to come.

John Bean Car Scissor Lift Hydraustics are ideal for general garages, multi-bay repair centres, and independent garages. They are designed to lift a wide variety of vehicles, and are also equipped with safety devices, including an end stroke bar to prevent roof damage and contact with the upper crossbeam. The lifts also feature ergonomic controls and an automatic lubrication system.


Atlas alignment lift hydraulic scissor lifts offer an extra-high lifting capacity and are available in floor or flush-mounted versions. These lifts have a full frame under the scissor to ensure maximum stability. They come with approach ramps for floor-mounted applications.

The Atlas Alignment Lift Hydraulic Sci-Lift is equipped with a 71-inch approach ramp and an air-powered rolling jack. The lift can lift a vehicle to 17 inches off the runway. Its air-powered hydraulic lift has telescoping arms, screw-out extensions, welded rails, and optional stack on-truck adapters.

The Atlas Alignment Lift Hydraulic Sci-Lift is an excellent choice for shops with limited bay space. The lift is more affordable than comparable alignment equipment, allowing small shops to offer the service without breaking the bank. It also features multiple automatic locking positions that automatically engage and de-activate when it is not in use. Its adjustable telescopic arms can lift a car or a truck with a wheel base length of 96 inches to 184 inches.


Quatra's heavy-duty scissor car lift provides true vertical lifting power, while maintaining a small footprint. It's perfect for shops with smaller bays and work areas. It features a 12-ton payload capacity and is built with ruggedness and dependability in mind.

The BendPak Quatra is built with a quad-opposing scissors design to eliminate the need for restrictive arm structures. This allows for full vehicle access with effortless workspace entry and exit. Its unique design allows for flexibility in service work and vehicle alignment. The lift's oversized rear slip plates can accommodate wide wheelbases, while the hydraulic-powered scissor design makes it compatible with leading alignment instrumentation. It also works seamlessly with camera-type wheel aligners and 3D systems.

Unlike conventional scissor lifts, electric scissor car lifts can be easily stored and transported. Because of their portability, they can be used for multiple applications, including for car repair. Moreover, this car scissor lift is equipped with pneumatic safety locks to prevent accidents and damage to the vehicle.


The OMER Car Scissor Lift is a versatile and reliable way to lift most passenger cars and light duty trucks. Its innovative design and heavy-duty construction make it ideal for high-volume shops where quick turn is crucial. Its double scissor design allows for faster vehicle lifts and takes up less shop floor space.

The OMER Car Scissor Lift Hydraussic Scissor Lift is available in a variety of specifications to fit your specific needs. The smallest model is suitable for indoor use, while the largest model can be used outdoors. The mid-rise scissor lifts are suited for medium-sized environments, and can accommodate a car and its driver. They are perfect for brake and tire repairs, and collision work.

Full-rise scissor lifts are rarer, but they are still impressive. They are less common than other lifts, and most consumers opt for two-post lifts. The full-rise scissor lift is ideal for professional garages, but it's also great for do-it-yourselfers.